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Welcome to Nibbleblog

18 August, 2015 | Uncategorised

Congratulations, you have your blog installed and working.

Yeah, it started well. I waited for minutes due to a very serious server load to install and see some pages. Finally I've installed nibble blog. No idea how bad or good it is, at the first glance I like its simplicity.

Too much of it, I can say, for categories plugin for example, which is kinda useless*. Lucky me, I have the knowledge to modify directly the xml file, and therefore to add new items.

Now I finally have a place to brag and rant. And to have ten thousand visits per day, I to earn good bucks from advertisement. And get rich really quick, only to donate my fortune later.


*moments ago, I just discovered that managing the categories can be easily done from the UI, but not from the plugin section. Well, at least I'm learning fast.