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Orange Pi PC. Crap.

03 September, 2016 | Hardware

For the adventure sake, I decided to try one of the Chinese clones of the famous Raspberry Pi, and I found this one, around 17 euro but enough in terms of functionality for what I wanted.




My happiness was shorted lived though.

First big issue: due to the lack of internal memory (BIOS, whatever), it needs some special preparation for operating system on the card. There are some guides on the internet showing you how, but you have to trust some custom build to give you a Ubuntu or Debian. Personally I tried Debian 8 with Xfce, but I discovered soon that a lot of things were broken (e.g. i was unable to start a terminal, bootup error messages, etc).

You also have to pay attention which resolution are you gonna use and prepare that in advance on the card (copying the right file), otherwise you're gonna see a nice black screen (reported by several users already).

Although that is voluntary work and the intentions are good, I could say the images have big changes to be broken from the start. So use with care...

Second big issue: 2 out 3 USB ports were completely dead! The on/off switch was also useless. The chance of getting a faulty card are big. Cheap, but yeah, risky. Return the goods to China is no option, so trash bin* here you go!


*trash bin is a matter of speech, that actually means responsibly recycled ;)