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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (aka how to get rid of Gillette/Wilkinson)

22 November, 2017 | Life & Style

First, about the famous Gillette Mach3:

"The Gillette Mach3 is a line of safety razors produced by Gillette and introduced in April 1998, after more than $750 million in research and development costs."

And also

"Profit margins on Gillette razor blades are high."


Needless to say, they're expensive. The cheapest you can buy those is around 1.70 euro per piece, if you're doing in bulk (like 16 or 24 in one package), but more likely you'll find those between 2 and 3 euros per piece.

Similarly, Wilkinson Sword Hydro 3 (the competition product) is slightly cheaper but still expensive.

Both brands advertise last longing usage, like up to one month of regular shaving, but that's just bullshit. In my personal experience, up to 3 times is max. I've tried to shave 4th times with Mach3 and it was a terrifying experience. The quality degrades extremely quick for those products and probably 2 times will be the safest choice. Obviously your mileage might vary.

But, after some research and bringing back memories from my youth, I've (re)discovered the classical shave. Yep, that's right. No fancy schmency razors, just the classic one. The prices vary from 3 euros for Wilkinson Classic Razor to more expensive Mühle R89 Double Edge Safety Razor (around 32 euros), but keep in mind that this will last long so there's no point to save money at this step. Spend at least 20 euros for a good one.



And then the surprise: the classical razor blades are still available and in a large variety. I've chosen to test Derby Premium Double Edge Blades, and these are going in bulk of 100 pieces for only 9 euros! That means 9 cents per blade, and even if they can be reused twice (at least), you can go for one shave/one blade for maximum result.

At this price you cannot be wrong! At least 6x cheaper that the "$750 million in research" solution.




Sayonara greedy stupid expensive Gillette/Wilkinson!