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Energy costs in the Netherlands

22 October, 2018 | Life & Style

For all of you out there interested in how much you might end up paying energy in the Netherlands, here is a short analysis of it in Nov 2018, for a specific provider (energiedirect.nl).


The consumption is the average value for a regular family, 2 adults and 1 kid. You might find information about other averages online, like "groot" (big) family, 2 adults and 2 children. Of course, the consumption is a matter of personal style, quality of the building, etc.

The prices are varying based on the providers, on the type of the contract, etc, but there are some fixed components like taxes and transportation.


The numbers are for the whole year. The electricity is split in 2 tariffs (day, night + w/d) but only for this example. Netbeheerkosten are the network administration costs that it will be paid no matter how much energy you used. Vaste leveringskosten are also paid based on the time period, not quantity. Belastingen en toeslagen are taxes and other forms of subventions (if any).






Conclusions:  the price of the electricity is less than half of the total paid amount (and less that you consume, less percentage gets). Taxes and transportation are the ones making a difference. Therefore so called competition on the market between different energy providers is a mirage. There is little room to maneuvre the naked price of a kwh or m3 gas, in order to make a real difference in your yearly invoice. Most often you'll see money back or other kind of incentive (like we give you a free tablet, etc) but not the real price.

For gas, taxes embedded in the m3 are almost 50% of the full price (44%). For the electricity is even bigger.

So roughly, a 2-person family pays €130-150 each month living in a (in-between) house of 90-110 m2, possible less 20% for an appartement with the same area. If your family is bigger, expect an amount between €150-200 per month.


This is to give you some rough idea about the costs.